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Retail is (still) Detail for eCommerce Websites

“Retail is detail” has been a favorite refrain of marketing 101 teachers for decades now. While you may have imagined the concept as it applies to a physical store (picture a grocery store stock-boy arranging and aligning products so that they are perfectly presented to the customer), attention to detail is just as important, and […]

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eCommerce Retailers that Ignore Mobile Shopping Do So at Their Own Peril

The NumbersLast week, we examined some of the food trends that make us extremely optimistic about the sharp and continued growth of ecommerce grocery sales (especially healthy and specialty foods). Although food and beverage shoppers are flocking to internet outlets in droves, many retailers are neglecting their mobile shopping experience. Consequently, they are missing out […]

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2016 Expected to be an Exciting Year for eGourmet & Online Grocery Retailers

Two great articles are making us excited for a very prosperous 2016 for eGourmet and our partners! Online grocery is on the rise!Key TakeawaysOnline grocery sales are predicted to grow at a rate of 21.1% annually from 2013-2018, reaching $18 billion/year by the end of 2018.25% of U.S. adults have purchased specialty food and beverages […]

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