Order Processing

Using Cutting Edge Technology to Enhance Your Business.

We guarantee that every order placed before 10 a.m. CST will be shipped on the same day, provided that it can be delivered by Friday if shipped via UPS or Saturday if shipped via FedEx Home Delivery. See our Shipping Page for a detailed explanation.

Order Data Transmission

Clients have a variety of means at their disposal to forward their order data to us:

  • Direct Integration - Pre-built: we have created direct integration with most existing commercial and open-source shopping carts. See our Shopping Carts page for a list.
  • Direct Integration - Customif your cart is not already directly integrated you - or we - can create a custom integration using our API.
  • File upload: perhaps the simplest method, clients upload a generic text file (.csv) to our servers using any standard file transfer protocol (FTP, SFTP, WebDAV). We provide guidelines on what data must be included and we can map any layout. Additionally, we post a file with tracking information at the end of the day that you can upload into your system and update order status.
  • Manual input: directly input orders into our system through the Client Portal.