Inventory Management

Experience that Shows.

Results that Count.

Online Inventory Management

We take inventory seriously, so your fulfillment service starts when your products arrive at our docks:

  • First your products are unloaded in a temperature controlled dock and inspected for damage
  • Then, products are hand-counted – scanned, if barcoded – and entered into our inventory management system
  • Next, your products are organized into one of our pick-and-pack storage rooms at the appropriate temperature. The cold chain is never broken, we guarantee it!
  • Finally, we send you updated reports via e-mail (or fax upon request).
  • In addition to the report, your inventory is available for viewing in the Client Portal the same day. Our system offers our clients 24/7 access to this and other useful information.

*Frozen products are individually hand picked inside a sub-zero freezer room and then quickly packed with dry ice in a refrigerated packing room. Our staff is very, very resilient.

Freight and Distribution

Frozen Fulfillment can arrange and organize all of your shipping needs through our freight partner. Just ask us for details. Our exceptional central location, and access to more than 130 truck lines, means our clients benefit from extremely competitive rates!