Pick and Pack

Using Cutting Edge Technology to Enhance Your Business.

After an order is received, it is processed in our system to determine shipping time. The order is then released to our fulfillment experts to be picked. Our dedicated fulfillment experts follow our accuracy and quality standards to ensure your order is perfect every time.

  • The order is picked inside the pick room or freezer. The products only leave the pick room once the order is completely assembled, which is particularly important for frozen products.
  • For frozen and refrigerated products, the order is then brought into the refrigerated packing room where it is packed in an insulated container with dry ice or ice packs, as required.
  • Each product is scanned as it is packed to ensure complete accuracy.
  • Any necessary materials are inserted before the box is sealed and labeled for shipping. The box is then brought to the loading area which is also kept at 58°F.
  • We send a confirmation to you and your customer – with the shipment tracking number – as soon as the order has been shipped.